It is a big deal: Week 15

It’s now the end of Week 15 of my 16 week Marathon plan. I am sure that you know this is my first marathon and it would be fair to say I’ve made quite a big deal about it so far.

I have spoken about it ALL the time, mentioned it in staff meetings, literally taken all the selfies of my life in thanks for donations and posted them everywhere, I have moaned and cried and when I’m not talking about it I’m thinking about it.

As of late I can start to see that people are getting a little bit bored of me talking about it, but you know what…I shamelessly don’t care.

This is the biggest challenges I have ever set myself – it has pushed me physically, mentally and emotionally. It has been so important to me in lots of different ways and I feel I deserve to talk about it as much as I do because to me it is a big deal.

Firstly is my first marathon. It’s a marathon!! It’s massive. I’m allowed to talk about that.

Secondly after hearing from my friend about the importance of Headway to him and after going to the West London Headway group it is clear to me that this charity is amazing and achieving this and raising money for them is also a big deal. I don’t want to let them down and compared to what the people who use Headway have had to face in their lives a marathon is nothing and so even though it’s a challenge for me I need to achieve it for them. I can’t just give up.

I’m also proud of having raised so much money for them! I thought the initial target of £2000 would be hard to reach and I’ve currently raised nearly £3,400!

Also I’ve put in so much time and effort and it has literally consumed all of me for 15 weeks. I’ve given up time with friends. I have basically done nothing for the past 15 Saturday nights (although I have had the chance to watch Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway – woohoo.) There was a time where I barely saw Stu because of training and there was still so much to go and I had to put him second to this challenge and it was horrible. Some days I’ve been so tired from running and it has taken my everything to make it through the day. There have been some times when it’s been freezing and I can’t be bothered to train and I’ve had to go against all my thoughts and power on through anyways. It hasn’t been easy. It’s been hard and I’ve put in all
that work and so it’s a big deal for me.

Also I’m not particularly a confident person and rarely believe in good things about myself but this process has helped me become much better at being kind to myself. When you’re running you have to remain positive in your head and constantly tell yourself you can do it, that you’re strong and you will achieve it. (Because if you don’t tell yourself that it’s so much harder.)

On top of that, achieving milestones like a fastest mile or the furthest run so far or a massive 20 miles, backs up the thoughts that you can do it because you have actually achieved something amazing. At this point I feel strong and powerful for getting this far and achieving what I have so far. Sometimes I’ll finish a run and can’t believe that I’ve achieved it! I feel positive about myself and my achievement and it means a lot to give myself some credit for once.

To go through all these things is a big deal! And why I can’t stop talking about it. As much as I am sorry I’m boring my friends, family and work mates to death I’m also not sorry.

It’s also why I’m now becoming so totally nervous about the day which is just one week away!!

I can’t believe after all this time it’s now so close!

So until next week…


I’m running the London Marathon to raise money for Headway, the brain injury association. You can sponsor me here:


One thought on “It is a big deal: Week 15

  1. What an amazing post. I don’t find you talking about it a lot boring (I wonder why!) I find it and you amazing. Congratulations on being a brilliant fundraiser, on giving it your all. Now you just need to make sure you get down to Greenwich next Sunday and enjoy one of the biggest days of your life. EVER. Love you Siobhan, my fellow 2017 Marathon runner. Jessica x


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