Only three weeks left: Week 13

I was on a bit of a high starting out this week having completed 20 miles. I did a quick 4 mile slow recovery run and my legs didn’t feel too bad and I was quite pleased.

But as I got to Tuesday I was EXHAUSTED. At work I could barely keep my eyes open and actually started to make me feel a bit sick.

I wasn’t sore I was just tired. I ended up having a nap at lunchtime and by the time it got to the end of the day I thought it best to give training a miss.

I rested until track on Thursday. At track a few of us were feeling quite tired so we decided to take it a bit easy and it was nice not to have to go too hard, as I am unsure whether I would be able to.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 09.50.25.png
Happy Birthday Pat

It was my cousin Pat’s 30th birthday on Saturday, so in order to be able to go along to the pub and not worry about leaving early (and being able to have a drink) I decided to do my 18 miles on Saturday morning. It wasn’t easy. It had been less than a week that I had run 20 miles at race pace and I could feel the tiredness in my legs. They just didn’t want to go fast.

I was actually feeling a little mentally negative about the run from early on. I was upset about my legs feeling so slow and I knew how far I had to go as I had done this route a few weeks ago.

When I feel negative I seem to look down whilst running, which is not good technique. But I had to keep saying to myself “COME ON Siobhan! This is the last BIG run. You have just run 20 miles last week really well don’t worry you’re a bit slow. Keep your head up. Stay strong. Once this is done it’s easy from here”.


Another annoying thing was that I must have put too much water in my camel pack as it was rubbing and it has never done that before. It was pretty sore and I had to keep focusing on something else, telling myself it didn’t hurt that bad.

I’m actually a little pleased I had this hard run and battle with myself because even though I was feeling negative the positive vibes were shining through. I was listening to myself, I began looking up, technique would get better and when I was listening to the positive side it wasn’t as hard as I was initially making it out to be.

I was pleased about this because last week at the 20 miles I was in a really good mood. I felt strong and positive mentally the whole way and it made it SO much easier. But I am unsure how I will feel on the day of the marathon. I hope it will be good and positive but you never know with anxieties and nerves. But this run was good practice to keep going whilst feeling like it’s the last thing you want to do.

I’m really beginning to believe I can run the marathon!

When I was at my cousins 30th birthday later, I was talking to another cousin who reminded me about when she saw me half way through training and I was feeling really down about how far I had to go. She said “but look how far you have come and now it’s only a few weeks away”.

I do remember that time and I remember thinking I’d never get to this point. And for anyone who is at the beginning or middle of their training just remember you will get there!

Soon it is all going to be over and though I can’t wait to cross that finish line and get my life back, it’s going to be weird not having the marathon in my life. I have never found anything so hard before in my entire life, yet (to this point) I have stuck at it and kept going.

I’m really proud of myself and so happy I have managed to raise over £3000 for Headway. Hopefully I can keep this up (maybe even raise more money for this great charity) and finish on a high!

Training is now in tapering and all I have to do is keep going for the last few weeks until the big day.

Until next week,

Siobhan x

I’m running the London Marathon to raise money for Headway, the brain injury association. You can sponsor me here:

To find out more about Headway and what they do visit their website here. 


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