It’s all coming together: Week 12

The week started with training on Tuesday and I was in a bit of a runners tantrum. I felt like I just couldn’t be bothered to do it. I mean I am so close to marathon day now but still so far, training needs to continue but I’m tired.

I’m always tired!

I didn’t want to go. There was so much of me that wanted to just go home and sit on the sofa and hang out.

But I pulled up my big girl socks and got it done. In the end it was actually a pretty good session. When Thursday track came around I was ready and raring to go! It was 30 days until marathon day and I had a renewed feeling of positivity.

I thought to myself – enjoy it Siobhan because soon it will all be over!

Friday morning I was actually feeling REALLY tired and I thought considering I had twenty miles to run on Sunday ,I decided to rest and I did feel better for it.

At this stage in marathon training I think it is important to notice which days your just feeling moany and need to push through and which days it would actually be beneficial to rest.

With less than 30 days to go I am feeling SO anxious now about getting to marathon day. I just want it to be here and I literally cannot wait anymore. I’m constantly thinking about it, it’s all I think about. I see it, dream it, feel it, think it, want it, hate it, love it – it literally it consumes me.

The excitement increased when I received my registration form and London Marathon magazine through the post this week. (Rather than getting a number London Marathon send you a registration form and you then collect your number and kit bag at the London Marathon Expo the Wed – Sat before the marathon.) It’s real!! It’s happening.

I feel mentally ready now but I don’t know if I am quite physically ready. I can’t wait to taper (which means you cut down my milage in the last two weeks) because I need serious rest for my legs, body and mind in order to be in peak condition before the big day. And also in order to be physically ready I have one big hurdle to jump before then…20 miles.

I decided to book the Human Race Events Lidl Kingston Breakfast race to achieve this. The run has distances of 8.2, 16.2 and 20.1 miles. I’d signed up to the 20 and this Sunday was the big day.

I decided to stay at my Grandad’s the night before because he lives in Surbiton so it would just be a quick mile walk down to Kingston in the morning. The race started at 8am (and with the clocks going forward it felt even earlier).

I will be writing a review of the race later in the week.

Lucy and I after completing 20.1 miles 

My friend and fellow marathon runner, Lucy, stayed with me the night before and after an early breakfast we did a quick warm up jog to Kingston then it was time for the race to begin.

Once again Dad came to spectate on his bike and it was nice to have him there for support. Also he was able to supply me with bottles of water when I needed.

Overall I felt pretty strong and I am really impressed with my performance. I completed the 20.1 miles in 3hrs 9mins and 45 seconds. WOO.

After I met up with my cousins Pat and Catriona and her boyfriend James, as James had done the 16.2 miles (he’s training for Edinburgh Marathon in May). It was really nice to see them after and even though I only talked at them about running they smiled and said well done! I really look forward to seeing them again after the 26!

James and I catching up after the race. 

It was a MASSIVE deal for me to run 20 miles and I feel really proud of myself and ready to take on the London Marathon. Crossing the finish line today I shouted YES! I’d done it. I’ve run the longest run on my plan. I cannot wait to cross the marathon finish line.

I also surprisingly (so far) don’t feel that bad. I got home, had a shower and even had some spare energy to dance to Ricky Martin and Mis-Teeq as I dried my hair. I am feeling tired now but mainly I feel proud.

Next week I have decided my final long long run will be 18 miles. I know I can do 20 now, so rather than doing it again I’ll do 18 as I think it is time to start giving these legs some love.

Today I really feel like I can do this! And I’m over the moon delighted about it.

All the training is paying off. I’ve raised just over £3000 for Headway. It all seems to be falling into place and the challenge I set myself to run the London Marathon in order to raise money for the great charity Headway back in May 2016 is starting to feel like it might just become an actual reality!

Until next week,

Siobhan x

I’m running the London Marathon to raise money for Headway, the brain injury association. You can sponsor me here:

To find out more about Headway and what they do visit their website here. 


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