One year older, another week down: Week 11 

It’s Thursday night and it’s my first session of the week.

I had a work event on Tuesday night so couldn’t go to running club and on Tuesday morning my legs were still a little sore from my half at the weekend…you know the one I got my PB in! Yeah that one. *pulls smug face*

Anyways it’s Thursday and there’s about 20 minutes until training begins and I’m feeling shattered.

It’s my birthday on Friday and I feel that the upcoming festivity is giving me a sense of being entitled to some time off. But it doesn’t matter that it’s my birthday I’m on a plan and I have to run.

Sometimes you just feel so tired and the last thing you want to do is go out running!

But you know once you get into it you’ll focus on actually doing it and before you know it it will be over.

What I was thinking was get this over with then it’s just one more 5 mile easy run tomorrow morning then I can enjoy my birthday. So pushed through I did.

The weeks festivities have also made me decide that it’s time now to reintroduce alcohol into my life – although I’m still on a ban from getting smashed.

It occurred to me that I feel a bit sad being unable to join in with even one drink with friends, considering that so far during training I’ve been in the emotional danger zone, I thought I don’t need another thing to make me sad.

I also thought it’s probably best to start drinking something otherwise one drink at the pub post marathon and I’ll be an absolute mess.

Birthday wishes at work on Friday

And with that I had a few glasses of wine to toast my birthday! 26 years old.

So here’s to running a mile for every year of my life. (Let’s hope those teen miles aren’t as stroppy and angsty as those actual years!)

It’s now Sunday and I’ve completed my 16 mile long run. It’s been a good week for a number of reasons – I got spoiled for my birthday but also because there are now only three more proper weeks of training. And only two more REALLY long runs to go.

16 Mile Route


I’m edging closer and I feel super excited. It’s nearly here! I’m also still super nervous.

Sometimes when I’m training I get caught up in the big day, in those 26 miles and that world famous race. But today during my long run I felt proud of today. I was running a distance of 16 miles! It may have been an easy slow pace but 16 miles is pretty darn far!

I think and I need to remember how great these little steps to marathon day are! I have already achieved a lot more than I ever thought I could and it’s just been me and my little feet pounding away at those pavements that has achieved that.

Next week I have my longest run to date. 20 miles. But until then there’s birthday cake. Lots and lots of Birthday cake!

Bring on week 12!

I’m running the London Marathon to raise money for Headway, the brain injury association. You can sponsor me here:

To find out more about Headway and what they do visit their website here. 


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