It’s the little things: Week 7

This week I didn’t go to Running Club on Tuesday because it was Valentines’ Day and seeing as Stu and I have barely seen each other recently we planned to spend the evening together.

So instead I ran 10km in the morning and actually managed to run my second fasted 10km since October. The evening with Stu was really nice and it meant a lot to spend it together.

Come Thursday track session I was ready to be back running with others. Friday morning I had a 4 mile planned and it was a treat to know that I didn’t have to go the far.

On Friday I also re-watched the Louis Theroux documentary A Different Brain. I had first watched this last May and after watching it applied to run the London Marathon for Headway.

It was a good thing to watch it again because it made me remember that there are so many people who need the support of organisations like Headway.

After work I headed back to my mum’s house for the weekend, got my hair done on Saturday and Stu joined us for tea in the local cafe. It was really lovely and we had a great day and I realised how lucky I am and I am so thankful for that.

This marathon may be hard work but at the end of the day it’s just running. It’s really nothing compared to what the amazing brain injury survivors and their families go through.

img_1237On Saturday evening as me and Mum were getting into a film I logged into my Twitter and saw something that really cheered me up. Louis Theroux had retweeted me! The actual wonderful Louis Theroux. As well as being the man behind the documentary that made me apply to run the marathon, I’m also a massive fan of all of his documentaries. So it gave me a real buzz.

As Sunday came around there was 16 miles between me and the end of this week’s training. In March 2016 I had ran 16.2 miles which is the furthest I had ever ran so today’s aim was 16.3. Once that was all over I could go to my sports massage with my friend Nicky.

IMG_1249.jpgAs I was at mum’s house I was running around my old area and it did seem odd seeing all the old places, from my old road to the park I used to hang out at, passed friends’ houses I’d spent hours in as a teenager. I thought I don’t think I would have ever imagined back then that I would be running the same streets training for a marathon.

It was a lovely day, a lot warmer today than any other long run I have done this year and so I was sweating a lot more than usual and drinking much more than usual. This meant I had to stop by a Tesco half way through to buy a new bottle. After all it’s important to stay hydrated.

I wear my Garmin Vivosmart during my run which picks up messages that I receive from my phone and I can read them on my wrist. At about 11 miles I received a message from my friend Sophie saying ‘I’ve paid for your sports massage today as a little carry on treat.’ (Sophie and Nicky are also friends so they obviously have been in touch. Nicky already gives me a discount so the both of them are angels.)

It was really nice thing to do and made me feel lucky once again to have such supportive friends.

As I got to 14 miles I knew there was just over 2 more miles to go and then I would have run the longest I ever have. Then suddenly it was over!! 16.3 miles done and I felt really great (I also felt sore and mega tired) and super proud of myself.

I still have 10 more miles to go to get to a marathon but I know with the support that I have from my family, Stu (and his fam), Sophie, Nicky, the wine whatsapp group members, the Ranelagh Harriers running club, the fab supportive Headway team, all the generous donors to my marathon cause and of course Louis Theroux, I can and I will get there.

Now I am going to shuffle off to the shower. 16 miles isn’t easy on your legs.

I’m running the London Marathon to raise money for Headway, the brain injury association. You can sponsor me here:

To find out more about Headway and what they do visit their website here. 




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