It’s a marathon not a sprint: Week 6

One of the things I’m really grasping is that running a marathon is not just about running 26.2 miles. It’s also and a lot about the hours and hours of training needed to get there.

I’ve just completed week 6 of my plan and I’ve still got 10 weeks to go. 10! I’m not even nearly there. However, even though it’s not easy this week was a good week and I’m feeling positive.

As most standard weeks it didn’t differ too much, with club on Tuesday and back to the track on Thursday.

Then the plan was to run last week’s 14 miles route again on Saturday then go to Run and Become in Victoria for some new trainers.

As it turned out when I woke up on Saturday morning I was feeling pretty rubbish, so I parked the idea of the 14 that morning and got ready to go trainer shopping with D.

I met Dad in Victoria (he can’t run anymore so it’s pretty mean of me to take him along but he knows what it takes to run a marathon and so my shopping companion he was). After a cup of tea, catch up and a Kit Kat – always needed – we went into the store.

Greeted by a friendly team member/gait analyser, we told her that I’m running a marathon and need some good trainers. I brought my current shoes with me so she could look at the bottom and see where the wear was, this is a good plan if you are planning on going to one of these shops. It turns out my current sports direct cheapies aren’t too supportive – oops.

She asked if I could go outside the shop, in my cheapies, and run to the end of the road and back so she could take a look at my style. Spoiler alert: Turns out I’m a mainly neutral runner but my knees tend to turn in so I’d need a trainer with good arch support.

After trying on a few pairs, whilst also receiving some great marathon tips from my lovely new gait friend, we settled on the Asics. I’m told they have 500 miles in them so it’s all down to me and them to get to the finish line.

My new trainers

All paid and ready to go, Dad and I had a celebratory steak (with a side of spinach for that much needed iron) and then I headed home whilst wearing in my new Asics mates.

Now it was time for the 14 miles. I decided, even though you probably shouldn’t wear a brand new pair of trainers out for the first time that compared to the cheapies lack of support, (and the fact I was excited*) I would take them out for a test drive.

*I’m excited about new running trainers. When I told you the marathon would make me boring I wasn’t lying, but I seriously couldn’t wait to try them out. 

It was a horrible evening. It was snowy, dark and cold and even though the trainers were comfortable and they were now supporting me, I could definitely feel a difference in my running which seemed odd.

Cold & stiff after 14 miles

I got home freezing and stiff and after stretching and a sore bit of foam rolling (ouch) it was 9pm and I was nearly ready for bed.

The thing is I had to be up early in the morning as I had booked a Runthrough 10km race around the Olympic Park with a fellow 2017 marathon runner (and my old boss) Jess Hepburn. Plus, I was going to be her pacer so off to bed I went to get some rest in before tomorrow.

Stratford. 9.30am and I met up with Jess at the number collection. She decided she wanted to beat our last race at 1hr 07mins so I calculated that if we averaged around 10 and a half min that should do it.

I love a race day! It’s so exciting. I started to get excited for what it will be like the day of the London Marathon. (I imagine I’ll be a lot more nervous.)

Olympic Park

If you’ve never done a race before you should! I would recommend the Runthrough races for beginners (and all) with lots of different events around London to choose from, fab email instruction/communications pre race, you can decide on either 5 or 10km PLUS you get a flapjack at the end!

Participating and being involved gives you a real buzz, and because this race was around the Olympic village I felt like it was even more important – world class athletes have been here.

Once we were off I noticed Jess was keeping up a bit stronger than our previous run and so decided to keep the average pace pushed at around 10mins.

By the end we made it in 1hr and 1 min! That’s 6 mins shaved off from before. I was really impressed with Jess and think she was really proud of herself too.

I got my first medal of the year and I’m ending week 6 on a high.

I still feel constantly tired and constantly hungry and there are still 10 weeks to go. But it was a good week and what I’m doing is a good thing and I’m proud of myself.

Just got to keep going! Come on Asics let’s do this!

I’m running the London Marathon to raise money for Headway, the brain injury association. You can sponsor me here:

To find out more about Headway and what they do visit their website here. 


3 thoughts on “It’s a marathon not a sprint: Week 6

  1. Hello! I love that you are running and so committed. Good luck! I have never been a distance runner, but have always enjoyed running. 10 weeks till completing the training is nothing! You can do it!


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