Whatever the Weather: Week 2

“It’s snowing” shouts Lyndel to the office. “Ugh. Great.” I say to myself. It’s Thursday night and having already completed RC (running club) on Tuesday it’s time for my RC track session tonight.

It’s going to be icy, cold and there will be snow…SNOW. But I’m boosted by an earlier #thankyouthursday tweet I received from @Headway_UK earlier today, so I get changed in the office toilets and get ready to go.

New leggings 

Once I’m changed I’m feeling in even better spirits, my new Sweaty Betty leggings (thanks Dad) make me feel like a cross between the Jamaican Bobsled team in Cool Runnings and Buzz Lightyear. It tickles me and I’m now ready for tonight.



“Feel the Rhythm. Feel the Rhyme. Get on up, it’s track running time…COOL LEGGINGS”

The session ended up going really well, cut a little shorter because of the conditions but great. I’m getting faster times and even though it’s not about speed it feels good. Yay.

Onto Friday morning and the temperatures are once again frosty. I wake up and the house is so cold, the gas money has run out and there’s no heating on – damn it!

Running on a freezing morning is awful to begin with. Getting out of bed is the really hard bit, although having a good reason to get up makes it easier (and running a marathon to raise money for Headway is a good motivator). Once you’ve braved removing your PJs to put your running clothes on you face the next challenge: leaving the house.

Lazy Siobhan’s like “Are you mad girl? You crazy!” But Let’s Do This Siobhan takes over and we’re out of the door. (I like LDT Siobhan – she’s sassy.)

It’s only 4 miles and as I ran the sun was coming up, I was wearing my gloves today and started to feel a bit like Rocky…not even sure how I made that connection but it was set in my mind and for the next mile (and the rest of the day Friday) the Rocky theme tune played over in my head.

Before 7.45am I’d complete my run, put money on the gas and bought some toothpaste. I felt like I’d cheated the day already achieving so much before it had begun.

As Sunday rolled along it was time for 9 miles and (after a wash) I rocked the Buzz Marley’s again from Thursday. It was raining the whole way but it feel refreshing and not too cold – it’s the perfect way to wake you up. The only issue was I was running next to the river and at one point it was so slippy and muddy I had to slow right down.

I generally felt stronger on this run, I think the mid-week training with speed and intervals is really helping and I’m hoping that I will continue to build on this. I ended on 9.5 miles in 1hr 31mins and 28 seconds and feel pretty good.

Muddy feet after my 9.5 mile run

After stretching and some foam rolling (ouch) it’s now 10.15am and time for some dippy eggs. Now the rest of the day can begin.

Until next week…

Siobhan x

I’m running the London Marathon to raise money for Headway, the brain injury association. You can sponsor me here: uk.virginmoneygiving.com/SiobhanSharp

To find out more about Headway and what they do visit their website here. 



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