Off to a flying start: Week One

After my final run of the week

It’s Tuesday night and I’m at Ranelagh Harriers running club ready for my first run in the lead up to my London Marathon.

It’s FREEZING but I’m all wrapped up with my new stylish Sweaty Betty head band (Running Christmas Gift #1 – Thanks Katie!) and Nike long sleeved top (Running Christmas Gift #2 – Thanks Dad).

Tonight we’re working on improving speed with 5 laps around the roads of Richmond (the houses around here are immense!). For the first lap we run at easy speed, then 9 min mile pace, then 8 min, then as fast as we can then back to 9.

Being with the other people in the group is making me push myself a bit more and one of the things that I think will be really great about being in the club. After all the laps and pushing myself more than I ever would running alone I’m back at the running club and I’m buzzing. What a great first run of the plan and of 2017!

The next session of the week is Thursday and after the great session with Ranelagh on Tuesday I have decided that I’m going to try out their track sessions at Osterley. I turn up at the sports ground around 7.20pm, get changed and head out to the track – it’s already starting the freeze! Eek!

The club have organised specific marathons track training and tonight’s plan is to run 5 reps of one 4min 800 meters and a recovery 400 meters also at 4 mins (this for my level). The floor is a little slippy from the frost and the 800 meters are tough, I’m pushing hard and I can surely feel it, the recovery lap can’t come quicker. Although weirdly at the same time I’m kind of enjoying the feeling of running so hard.

As I come to the end and stop my watch I can’t quite believe my eyes…’NEW PERSONAL RECORD: 5KM 26.06′.

What?! 26.06?!!?

How on earth did I do that? Usually I find it hard to get to 28 and I’ve managed to shave 2 minutes off. As I walk back to the train station I’m feeling really proud of myself and can’t quite believe it’s week one and I’ve already achieved a PB!

It’s 6.30am on Friday. The alarm rings and that means it’s time to get up and go out for an easy 3 mile. I roll out of bed and as I look out of the window it’s frosty – but luckily not as frosty as it was yesterday. I lace up the trainers and head out. It’s not far and as I’m running I think of the night before and am still feeling pretty pleased.

Finally, the last session of the week. It’s Sunday and it’s long run day today – 8 miles.

My 8 mile route

As I’ll be out the longest today I’ve decided to put on my new and beautiful Sweaty Betty leggings (Running Christmas Gift #3 – Thanks again Dad) to look super cool as I run the Whitton/Twickenham/Teddington route.

Starting off it’s dark as it’s only 7am and it’s also a little wet but the temperature is a lot better than it’s been the rest of the week. I might not even need all these layers!

As I get to mile 4 I think it’s amazing how nice it is this early in the morning, so peaceful and barely anyone around.

Before I know it the miles have flown by and I’m approaching the High Street finish. And with the stop of my watch week one is over!

21.4 miles down and overall it’s been a great start. Hopefully onwards and upwards…until next week.

Siobhan x

I’m running the London Marathon to raise money for Headway, the brain injury association. You can sponsor me here:

To find out more about Headway and what they do visit their website here. 





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