2017: Run the London Marathon

It’s been a busy few weeks over the Christmas period, with colds and coughs, going out late, eating and drinking too much. The result…not much running and a re-gain of 6lbs. Uh oh.

But as the fun weeks have flown by my training plan is now around the corner. There is now just under one week now until my 16 week marathon plan is in action.

I’m pleased to have had a bit of a break and enjoyed my time doing it as I now feel ready to get back to full time running and getting fit. I’m looking forward to this challenge I set for myself back in the summer to finally begin and become a reality.

For me day one of training (Tue 3rd Jan) will be the beginning of this challenge and the fact that it’s around the corner is super exciting and also terrifying.

Over the next 16 weeks things will change from the current festive days and there are lots of things I will need to give up to succeed. I will be giving up on late night out with friends, giving up drinking, giving up going out on my birthday, giving up on a lot of lie ins and being pretty set in my schedule of what I can and can’t do on particular days. Plus, I will need to give up a few of my favourite foods for the first bit to get back to a good running weight.

However the hardest thing about all of this will be giving up seeing my boyfriend as much as usual. He works till late in the evenings and at the weekends and with early nights and weekend long runs this doesn’t fit well into our schedule. There will be some mornings I will wake up to go for a run and see him asleep next to me and think “nah, I’ll just stay here and cuddle” but I won’t be able to. It is also his birthday on the 19 April just 4 days before the marathon, so I won’t be able to go for a birthday drink with him.

But he is a pretty special guy and is very supportive of my marathon and I am very grateful that he’s standing by me through my crazy challenge. It’s this support that gets me through mile after mile. Thanks Stu!

So, first few months of 2017 is going to be hard, exciting, tough a bit fun and a massive challenge where during that time I plan to run over 200 miles!

But, if it does all go to plan it will be totally worth it. I will have raised at least £2000 for Headway and completed 26 miles in the London Marathon.

A big thanks to all those who have already sponsored me, helping Headway and putting their faith in me being able to achieve this.

Marathon here I come.

I’m running the London Marathon to raise money for Headway, the brain injury association. You can sponsor me here: uk.virginmoneygiving.com/SiobhanSharp

To find out more about Headway and what they do visit their website here.