Nothing worth having is ever easy

It has come to that time where I have started to create an official training plan for the London Marathon, which is a 16 week plan due to start on 01 Jan 2017.

The months are just flying by and it feels like all of a sudden training is here.

I had another week off running last week – just trying to enjoy social time before I am unable to participate without having to rush off for an early night and a morning run – so I am not sure whether it is because I haven’t ran for a week that doubts have started again or whether it is just because it is starting to get closer to proper training and it’s becoming real and scary.

I’m starting to feel nervous about my ability to achieve this challenge. I don’t know how to train ‘properly’, I don’t know the best nutrition and supplements to take to support my training and I’m not sure what to do for strength training?!

Up until now I have been using the Gump method of training which is essentially just to run or as I like to say “Run Forest, Run!” So that’s what I have been doing…just running.

As I have said from previous blogs sometimes it’s even hard to get up in the morning or sometimes the idea of taking 2 – 3 hours out of my weekend to go for a run on my own is just not what I want to do and sometimes the actual running is just plain hard.

However, I know that if I can try and stay positive and motivated I might well just complete this challenge and be proud of what  I have achieved.

Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… – Theodore Roosevelt

I have spoken to a few people who have completed marathons and they said there is nothing quite like that feeling of crossing the finish line.

I’m lucky to have my boyfriend, my dad and the rest of my family really supporting me on through.

And can I just say support is so helpful and it doesn’t have to be just through sponsorship it can just be a “keep going Siobhan” or a like on my blog posts. I can’t quite explain the importance of this support. (Also if you know anyone else running their first marathon, half, 10km or even 5km support them too!)

I think Teddy is right in what he says and I know that all this effort and difficulty now will be worth it in the end and it will feel amazing after and I’ll be proud of what I have achieved for Headway and for myself.

By the end of the day on 23 April 2017 I will have raised (hopefully) a lot of money for Headway and will be part of the 1 – 2% of the population to have completed a marathon.

So here’s to positivity, motivation and support.

Bring on 2017!

I’m running the London Marathon to raise money for Headway, the brain injury association. You can sponsor me here:


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