A little help from my friends…

It’s getting colder outside and just generally coming into the winter period with lots of events going on I’m much more tired than I was in the summer.

This means sometimes it’s just a little hard to go for that run in the morning. I obviously have a certain amount of times this side of marathon training where I can just stay in bed but there are also times where I have to push myself and get up.

I’m being a little relaxed with myself as I feel my training is at a good place and usually the training programme doesn’t officially kick in until January 1st but at the same time I don’t want to get into bad habits.

(Although from January I am curbing the social life as well so early nights will help.)

I’ve been trying to think of ways that would help me get up in the morning, great alarm songs or tips and techniques (baring in mind they can’t wake up Stu who is also in bed and works late so needs his sleep.)

So I thought I’d turn to you guys in case you know any good ways to jump up out of bed in and into the wintery morning.

So feel free comment on the blog or on Facebook or Twitter.


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