Being the Boss-y one

On 23 October I ran the NiceWorks Richmond Park 10km with Jessica and Lyndel.

Jessica is also training for the London Marathon and so we decided to do a few races together to keep each other motivated. ( Jessica has already swam the English Channel so I mean what’s a tiny little marathon ah?)

My pace is a little faster than Jessica’s so we had agreed before the race that we would run together and I would pace her.

When we arrived it was a beautiful day; sunny and fresh – perfect running weather. It wasn’t a large race but there were lots of people ready to run and we felt excited.

Now what I haven’t mentioned to you yet is that Jessica was my ex-boss and the previous Executive Director of the theatre that I work for. Usually it’s Jessica in control but today I was taking the lead…(eek)

At work Jessica believed in me and was encouraging to keep going and achieving. Now the shoe was on the other foot and I thought I owed Jess the same.

The course was two laps of a 5km and Lyndel had signed up for just the 5km. The countdown began and after 3, 2, 1 we set off together.

The course was great, not too hilly and a mix of road and grass. Jessica was aiming for 1hr 15 for the 10km which would be 12 min miles. However I thought maybe I could push it a bit.

Lyndel (who also works at the theatre) and I were chatting the whole way through – it was a really nice way to catch up. It’s so nice to run with others.

As we hit the 3km I planted the seed in Lyndel’s head to keep going to 10km. It was obvious she has it in her and I so I kept dropping hints. As we approached the half way mark, where Lyndel was supposed to finish, she only went and carried on with us! It was great!

What I enjoyed most about this race was the pacing and (annoying) motivational coaching, keeping positive for the ladies and also pushing them a little more than they would have on their own.

I was pretty sure we would be able to make under the time Jess wanted but as we approached 9km I it was certain we were going to make it.

The last km and I speed up because it was time to make the ladies give that final push.

In the end we came in at 1hr 7mins cutting off 8 mins from Jessica’s planned time and adding 5km to Lyndel’s planned route. They were both over the moon and so was I.

At the end of the race (Jessica, me & Lyndel)

Overall the race was great, friendly marshals and a real nice community feel about it. The medal was pretty basic but better than expected.

NiceWorks run a series of 10km in Richmond and BushyPark and I would certainly recommend them.

There was something really great about helping someone else achieve a goal and it got me thinking about the possibility of maybe coaching or pacing in the future.

Thanks ladies!


You can sign up for the NiceWorks 10km series here.

I’m running the London Marathon to raise money for Headway, the brain injury association. You can sponsor me here:





One thought on “Being the Boss-y one

  1. Such a lovely post Siobhan. I felt very privileged and touched to have you pace me. And yay, 1.07, I am so delighted with that. As you know you’ve always been my tip for the top, now you are my tip for the running top. You’d make a brilliant coach! Jessica x


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