Volunteering Ealing Half


Last weekend I volunteered as a Road Marshal for the Ealing Half with my Dad.

We were allocated just past mile 10, next to West Ealing station. It was a bit of a hard spot to marshal but my Dad and I had it down. We were super marshals!

It was a really inspiring and exciting day. I enjoyed helping the supporters get to the point they wanted to go to in order to cheer their friend or family member along; I loved seeing hundreds of runners getting out on a Sunday morning, being active and achieving such a great feat, many of whom running for great charities and I got to see my cousin Katie during her first ever half! Yay go Katie!

I also really loved cheering and clapping for total strangers. You’d be surprised how good it makes you feel. I would seriously recommend volunteering for an event like this. It’s really helpful to the runners but it also makes you feel good.

If you don’t quite feel like volunteering straight away you can always just go and support at a local event. You wouldn’t believe how much supporters can help you keep going when racing, so go try it and help someone complete that race.

The whole day did however give me a bit of running envy. The Ealing Half looked like a really good course, had a really good atmosphere and a good medal but as part of volunteering I received a free place for next year so I’ll get my turn for 2017.

Although my running envy won’t last too long as I have the Cardiff Half to run this Sunday. I am sure then I will be envious of the Marshals and not the runners.

Until next time…

Lots of love,

Siobhan x


Here is Katie who did an amazing job and completed the Ealing Half. I always knew she could do it. She ran for Bloodies and you can sponsor her here.