Time to get back

I am not totally new to running. In June 2014 I ran my first Half Marathon and have been running on and off since then.

At the beginning of the year I was doing really well and in March completed my longest run to date, 16 miles, in the Lidl Kingston Breakfast run (a well recommended run – massive goodie bag).

Things were going really well. On April 24 2016 I went to watch my Dad run the London Marathon. The atmosphere was so amazing and I thought I think I could do this – but I’d need something really inspiring to run for to get me through. A month later I applied to Headway (I’ll tell you why another time) and I also entered the ballot.

I had a holiday booked for the end of April and knew that I’d be having a few weeks off then too but was keen to keep on running.

Good news. I was accepted to run for Headway. Now the game was on. I have 26.2 miles to conquer.

However I received some test results from the doctor just before my holiday which meant there was a chance I would have to have a minor operation. The worry got to me and I stopped running for a bit, that bit turned into a few months. I had the op at beginning of July and then have had to rest and recover. And now here we are 5 months later, finally recovered and I’m back to running square one. Damn.

So I set my alarm yesterday for a morning run. Nothing. It didn’t go off. FAIL.

So set two alarms for this morning. When they went off the idea of leaving my bed and going for a run was the last thing I wanted to do. I wanted to stay in bed where is cosy and I could get a bit more sleep. “Come on” clever, know-it-all, voice in my head Siobhan said, “It’s just going to be three miles”.

I knew she was right – the bitch. And I did it!

It may have been slow (11 min miles!!!) and it may have been hard but I did it.

And if I can keep doing it then I know I’ll be okay. So here we are at the beginning.

What’s to come?



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