The world should try running

Anyone who can, should try running. Don’t get me wrong it can be really tough but it can also be rewarding in so many ways.

One of the things I have experienced during my running years is the overwhelming sense of community that runners feel towards each other.

Never in another situation in London would I expect someone to smile and say “Good morning” to me, yet when I run past another runner it happens and I smile back all red faced and muster up a “morning” through the pain.

During some organised races I have done runners have been so friendly. If you look like your struggling they’ll say “Come on you can do it”, if you’ve done a great finish they come up to you and say “great sprint at the end”. It is such an encouraging and non-judgmental environment.

I’ve even read recently in my Women’s Running magazine stories of how people have made friends or fallen in love with people they met on the start line of a race. It’s so lovely.

I just think it is just such a nice way to be and I think perhaps the world could do with a little more running right now. (I guess that’s what makes the Olympics so special).

For a sport that is based on solo ability and relies on no body else it is uplifting that it can bring people together. It’s just nice to see some kindness in this world of hate at the moment.

So get out there, go for a run! It doesn’t matter how far or fast and if you see someone else running along say hey, you’re in the runners family now!



Time to get back

I am not totally new to running. In June 2014 I ran my first Half Marathon and have been running on and off since then.

At the beginning of the year I was doing really well and in March completed my longest run to date, 16 miles, in the Lidl Kingston Breakfast run (a well recommended run – massive goodie bag).

Things were going really well. On April 24 2016 I went to watch my Dad run the London Marathon. The atmosphere was so amazing and I thought I think I could do this – but I’d need something really inspiring to run for to get me through. A month later I applied to Headway (I’ll tell you why another time) and I also entered the ballot.

I had a holiday booked for the end of April and knew that I’d be having a few weeks off then too but was keen to keep on running.

Good news. I was accepted to run for Headway. Now the game was on. I have 26.2 miles to conquer.

However I received some test results from the doctor just before my holiday which meant there was a chance I would have to have a minor operation. The worry got to me and I stopped running for a bit, that bit turned into a few months. I had the op at beginning of July and then have had to rest and recover. And now here we are 5 months later, finally recovered and I’m back to running square one. Damn.

So I set my alarm yesterday for a morning run. Nothing. It didn’t go off. FAIL.

So set two alarms for this morning. When they went off the idea of leaving my bed and going for a run was the last thing I wanted to do. I wanted to stay in bed where is cosy and I could get a bit more sleep. “Come on” clever, know-it-all, voice in my head Siobhan said, “It’s just going to be three miles”.

I knew she was right – the bitch. And I did it!

It may have been slow (11 min miles!!!) and it may have been hard but I did it.

And if I can keep doing it then I know I’ll be okay. So here we are at the beginning.

What’s to come?